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Why Sparkleen
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Why Sparkleen
  Why Sparkleen  

Dependability, Supervision, and Efficiency

These are the qualities of every successful business, and they are the reason SparKLEEN is the first choice for Lehigh Valley companies outsourcing their facility services. Our customer retention rates testify to the fact: 95% of customers who try SparKLEEN stay with SparKLEEN making our janitorial services among the best in the Lehigh Valley. 


Since 1992, SparKLEEN has served Lehigh Valley’s janitorial service needs. A trained and dedicated SparKLEEN staff is prepared to get your janitorial work done right; SparKLEEN’s experienced staff has the expertise, resources and flexibility to meet most janitorial requirements. SparKLEEN works with its customers' unique janitorial needs in the daily routine of commercial/corporate sites, the specific needs of medical facilities, and responds quickly and professionally in times of emergency.


“You must inspect what you expect”
SparKLEEN is dedicated to offering our clients efficient and effective janitorial service solutions.
Our supervision program provides a timely and effective solution for facilities to receive consistent high quality janitorial service, while attracting and retaining quality employees.  Our supervisors coach and counsel with employees on the SparKLEEN standard of excellence, ensuring that employees are properly trained, and regularly inspected. The results are a motivated staff that look forward to receiving a perfect inspection, which helps us reward and keep our best employees.


SparKLEEN attracts and retains the best staff in the valley. A quality workforce means consistent, efficient and quality workmanship.  Our employees are selectively screened, trained, and supervised; this HR process has helped SparKLEEN retain staff an average of 5 years.  With the national average of 300% turnover each year, the five year average retention is a huge benefit to clients who can rely on quality employees for the upkeep of their offices.
Continuous education and cutting edge cleaning solutions and equipment keep our staff on top of the latest breakthroughs in cleaning technology. Through better processes, equipment and cleaning solutions, SparKLEEN serves their clients in the most efficient manner. This efficiency helps keep costs down, which means cost savings to the client.


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A SparKLEEN representative can assist you by providing the exact information you need to make an informed decision to make your business run smoothly and economically.

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