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Commercial Offices
Half of our clients are represented in the commercial office building sector.  Our extensive experience, combined with our wide range of trade expertise, allows us to bring a higher level of competence to these accounts.  As leaders in the commercial Office sector, problems related to scope of work, number of tenants, or unique requirements that baffle smaller, less experienced organizations are standard operating procedure for us. The size and scope of some offices can create more capital investment requirements than many service companies are capable of handling. Operational issues that arise are successfully dealt with by us every day. It is our goal to satisfy your company and secure the highest possible retention rate as part of your service solution.

Company Profile: SparKLEEN Janitorial Services is a leading janitorial service provider to commercial office buildings in the Lehigh Valley. We have a strong regional presence and extensive service capabilities. Our service experience covers everything from large commercial buildings to the small business offices in the Lehigh Valley.  Because of our infrastructure, we are also capable of serving the individual needs of our clients.


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